Shungite is a natural stone with unique physical properties and a pretty color. Mineral is considered to have a number of curative and healing properties.

 Shungite is one of the oldest rocks on our planet, it has a geological age of more than 2 billion years. The name dates back to 1887, when the world's only large deposits of the carbonaceous mineral was found in South Karelian willage Sunga.

 Shungite is characterized by a chemical resistance, high density, strength and a heat value as well as electrical conductivity and a unique shielding ability from high frequency electromagnetic radiations.

 The structure and composition of Shungite are unique. Its birth circumstances are are also unique. There is only one place in the world where this rock can be obtained. Zazhoginsk deposit in Russia, Karelia. So far scientists have not been able to find other similar deposits.

 There is a wide range of useful properties in the water, which shungite is kept in. It strengthens the human body, which is why it has long been widely used in folk medicine.